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An exciting, challenging and noble career

Making a career change at 40 was stressful for builder Shane Bones, but he wanted to become a health professional.

He had heard a lot about being a paramedic and thought it would be an exciting, challenging and noble career. He is now a full-time paramedic based in Devonport, who loves helping people and saving lives. He also has the opportunity to supervise students, helping others to develop their careers in paramedicine. He loves watching students develop over the placement and seeing their confidence grow.

Shane Bones

“I enjoy having students. It's great to see them change and their confidence improve,” he said.

Shane says that most paramedics have been through university themselves, so they know what it is like to go out on placement.

“I had anxiety before placement; I think everybody does. It’s a normal thing to feel, particularly when you are going out in an emergency ambulance to an emergency!
“You just need to take your time. As supervisors, we sympathize with what students are feeling and what they need.”

Being well prepared for your paramedicine placement can make all the difference according to Shane.

Shane also says that being interested and helpful goes a long way towards a positive placement experience.

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