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Lifestyle and opportunity: the north west is a great place to have a career

Exercise Physiologist Ross Lovell starts his day with a run on the beach just outside his house. On the weekends he can often be found hiking in the surrounding mountains. He loves the lifestyle on the northwest coast. Ross is from Launceston but was offered a position straight out of university on the northwest coast of Tasmania. After 18 months in the position, he’s decided to permanently make “the coast” his home, with his sights set on running his own business in the future.

“It is the combination of the great lifestyle and great opportunity that makes me want to stay here,” said Ross.
“I love to run, and the backdrop of the areas along the coast is so beautiful to run along. Just the look and the smell of the place is so different to being in a city.
“Plus, there is a real need for exercise physiology services, so I’ll always have work. And it ‘s gratifying knowing I’m helping people improve their quality of life, that otherwise might not have done so.”

Ross has loved becoming part of the northwest coast community. He travels between Shearwater, Devonport, and Ulverstone going into people’s homes to help them with individually tailored exercise programs. He has also started running group classes within the community.

“Anyone can come, whether they have knee pain, cardiac problems, diabetes or specific rehab requirements, and work on improving their health in a supervised, social environment.”

In particular helping people improve their muscle strength, balance, and stability, along with endurance, is a key focus.

“It’s great when people come back and say they can go out and do things they couldn’t do before and not be fatigued at the end of the day.”

Ross says he is building his clinical skills and a reputation that will set him up well for running his practice.

“Everyone knows everyone in a regional area, so if you’re good at what you do, word gets out there. So many of the opportunities that arise in this profession are through word of mouth, so a solid reputation holds you in good stead.”

It was through word of mouth that saw Ross recruited for his current position with Care Forward. One of his placement supervisors worked at the organization previously and let him know that they were looking for people.

“And there were plenty of other opportunities that I could have pursued when I graduated on the back of super placement experiences.
“It's so important to make a good impression on placement because you never know who is going to learn your name and recommend you for something in the future.”

Ross’s tips for making the most out of placement:

  1. Make a good impression by being punctual, professional and engaged
  2. Take every opportunity and experience as much variety as you can – it will prepare you best for being in the field
  3. Remember that supervisors make great referees, and their word carries weight

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