Mental Wellbeing of First-Time Mums

Childbirth is a watershed event in a woman’s life. The weeks and months after a baby is born are a crucial time for both mother and child. This research aims to determine what influences mothers’ mental wellbeing in the year after the birth of a first baby, and asks, ‘how can mental wellbeing for new mothers be achieved?’

We are recruiting women based in the Launceston area who are pregnant with their first baby. Participants will be interviewed four times (once in the later months of pregnancy, and three times over the course of 12 months after baby arrives).  Interviews will take approximately one hour, and will occur at the Launceston General Hospital research building (NICS). Participants will be asked to talk about their experiences with pregnancy, birth, and new motherhood.

To be eligible to participate, women need to be: aged 18 years or older, pregnant with their first baby, experiencing a healthy pregnancy, and have no previous known mental health issues.

If you are interested in participating, or would like more information, please fill in the form below.

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