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ICB Evaluation and Surveys

What are the ICB surveys?

The developers of the ICB, in conjunction with TILT have been evaluating the impact that the ICB has on both learning and teaching. Separate surveys for students and staff have been created to assess those impacts. By default, a link to the ICB student survey was imported into all units using ICB.

The data collection phase of this project has now concluded and the surveys are closed.

We still welcome feedback from students and staff who use the ICB. Please email any feedback to

Many MyLO units that use the ICB contain links to the ICB surveys. Please remove those links from your MyLO units.

These surveys are form part of the 'Evaluation of an Interactive Content Builder for online content development and delivery' research project, with ethics reference number H15314.

General information about the surveys and the evaluation process can still be found in the Survey FAQs.

ICB surveys

Details about the surveys, including survey information sheets, and links to the surveys themselves are available at: