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Survey FAQs

Currently the ICB is a 'pilot' project. In order to establish the need for ongoing support, the ICB development team, in conjunction with TILT are gathering evidence of the impact the ICB has on teaching and learning. The evaluation might help to determine whether the ICB cna be made available to use across the university.

The surveys also provide vital feedback to the ICB development team on the future development priorities for the ICB.

The ICB development team would like to gather feedback on students' experience of the ICB so that they can keep improving it. This allows the team to evaluate the impact that the ICB has on student learning, as well as highlighting any issues that students encounter when using the ICB.

The survey explicitly addresses only the impact of the ICB on students' learning experience, rather than the course content, teaching or any other aspect of the online course.

The ICB development team would like to gather evidence of the impact the ICB has on teaching, such as the usefulness of the features, its usability, its perceived value to teaching staff and its impact on student learning and the student experience as perceived by teaching staff. This information will allow the team to further develop the ICB.

TILT and the ICB development team would like to assess the impact the ICB has on support staff – staff who support teaching staff or students who teach or study units that use the ICB. This will inform any planning for ICB support, and any decisions about supporting wider adoption of the ICB at the University of Tasmania.

No. We strongly encourage you to support the ICB development and evaluation process by participating in the staff survey and encouraging your students to complete the student survey.

Teaching staff: If for some reason it would be inappropriate for your students to participate in the survey for your unit, you can remove the survey information page and corresponding news item from your unit. This might be the case in units that made very limited use of the ICB or who were experimenting with new ICB features.

No. You only need to fill in the survey once, for all units each semester. We would like you to fill in the survey at the end of each semester, during the evaluation phase, which may run for several semesters.

Yes, the surveys are anonymous. We do not ask any information that could be used to identify participants.

The survey data will be analysed by TILT and the ICB development team.

Summaries of the analyses will be provided on this website, and any publications arising from this research will be noted on this website.

Details about the surveys, including survey information sheets, and links to the surveys themselves are available at:

These pages can also be accessed from the menu on the right of this page.

Dr Carolyn King is the Chief Investigator on this research project. You can contact her by email at or by phone on (03) 6226 4613.

Further information is available on each of the information sheets, which can be found in each of the survey pages.