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The Declaration of Geneva Ceremony (PDF 491 KB) precedes the graduation ceremony and is held at the Theatre Royal. It is open to all friends and family of a graduating student.

The Ceremony takes place because of the encouragement of the late Dr Keith Millingen and others who recognised the opportunity to publicly acknowledge individual doctors' responsibility to patients and society.

Historically based on the Hippocratic Oath, the Ceremony is an important part of the transition from student to doctor.

Refer to UTAS Graduation for more information.

Further Information

Academic Gowns

Please make sure you collect your academic gowns the day prior to the Ceremony. These can be collected between 2pm and 8pm from the Lower Level Uni Centre, Sandy Bay Campus. Refer to UTAS Graduation (Academic Dress) for more information.


A photograph of the MBBS graduating class will be taken on Graduation Day (see timetable link below). The class photograph will be emailed to you shortly after Graduation. There is no charge.

Graduation Handbook

The handbook is quite extensive and it is recommended that students check the handbook and the website if they have queries.

In the handbook it states that students are allocated three tickets and can apply for more depending on availability. In past years students have also negotiated with fellow students who may not need all three tickets.

Graduation Day Timetable

The day of graduation is a busy one for students. Refer to the Graduation Day Timetable (PDF 355KB) for more information.

Graduation photos for past MBBS students