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MBBS Orientation

Welcome to Medicine at the University of Tasmania! Please find below important information about commencing study.

Compulsory Units

The two compulsory units that will be studied in first year are CAM101 and CAM102. Please note that there are no optional units in the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) course and there is no credit awarded for previous study in the MBBS.

Orientation Days

All Year 1 MBBS students are required to attend orientation. During orientation you will be provided with information from Academic staff to prepare you for the start of your career, and be introduced to local services and facilities. Orientation also provides students with opportunities to meet other medical students and lecturers and be taken on brief tours of the facilities.

Orientation for Domestic students will to be held from Wednesday 21st February until Friday 23rd February, 2018 and a timetable will be available detailing the activities planned over these 3 compulsory days. Please note that orientation for International students is slightly longer, beginning on Sunday 17th February, 2018.

First Aid Certificate

A current St John Ambulance Workplace 2 - Senior First Aid Certificate or equivalent is required by every student. The School of Medicine (SoM) requires first year undergraduate medicine students to have completed a one or two day Apply /Provide First Aid Certificate course with a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO) no later than Week 10 of Semester 1.

It is recommended that students complete their First Aid Certificate as soon as possible after accepting a position in the MBBS program for ease of processing documentation. However, for those who are unable to do so prearranged course dates will be organised with St John Ambulance in Hobart and SoM during the first few weeks of first semester. Students are welcome to enrol in one of these courses - more information with dates and cost will be provided during Orientation.


On enrolment students will be allocated a University email address. Medicine uses this email address as its primary form of communication with students. It is very important that emails are checked regularly. Please ensure you only use your University of Tasmania email for all University correspondence.

Safety in Practice Requirements

Please familiarise yourself with the Safety in Practice requirements on the Professional Experience Placement (PEP) website:

Clinical Allocation Procedure

The final two years of the MBBS course are conducted within the three Clinical Schools: The Hobart Clinical School, the Launceston Clinical School and the Rural Clinical School (located in Burnie). Students will be allocated to any of these three Clinical Schools and should therefore be willing to relocate if directed to do so. Please familiarise yourself with the Clinical School Allocation Procedure (PDF 124KB). Accepting this procedure was part of accepting your offer for the MBBS Program.

Medicine Timetable for CAM101

A detailed timetable for CAM101 will be posted weekly on MyLO from week 1, Semester 1. Note that on occasion lectures or other learning activities have to be rescheduled. You should keep Monday to Friday 8am-5pm available for university learning when scheduling your employment and other activities.

International Students

  • Tasmanian University Medical Students' Society (TUMSS)
  • Students who gain Permanent Residency (PR) status: The Medicine policy is that all full fee paying International students (FFPOS) who obtain PR status after entry to the MBBS degree program remain as full fee paying students. All students who obtain PR status are, however, guaranteed an intern place.
  • International Students and Internship Students (including NZ citizens) who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents at the time of enrolment may not be automatically entitled to registration, internship, and access to a Medicare provider number in Australia. If they wish to stay in Australia after graduation, they should make their own enquiries regarding their situation related to these matters as they lie beyond the control of the University.

Please note the following:

  • It is strongly recommended that you have a laptop/computer and a current driver's licence. There will also be a need to travel around Tasmania for placements.
  • Each student needs to be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). This is done automatically for you. For information about this process please visit the AHPRA website.

Tasmanian University Medical Students' Society (TUMSS)

Talent Release Form

Medicine sometimes take photos or video of students on placement or in class for promotional features. Please complete a Talent Release Form (PDF 32KB) and return it to the Student Affairs Office, Level 1, Medical Science 1 Building, 17 Liverpool Street, Hobart in the first week of Semester 1.

Further Information

For more information please contact Medicine on +61 3 6226 or email

For more information about getting started at UTAS, refer to Ready for Uni.