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Extreme Sports Medicine

Event Name: Extreme Sports Medicine
Start Date: 15th Oct 2023 (8am)
End Date: 18th Oct 2023 (5pm)
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PLEASE NOTE that UTAS students wishing to enrol in the Extreme Sports Medicine unit, CAM634, should contact Melissa Mace at

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CAM634 STUDENTS: DO NOT register or make any payment here.  This registration is for the short course intensive ONLY, not the actual unit

This three and a half day intensive and practical course is offered by the Healthcare in Remote and Extreme Environments program at the University of Tasmania. The program is suitable for all Medical Practitioners, Nurses and Paramedics who are interested in providing event coverage for extreme sports events or working with extreme sports athletes.

The program takes a multi-disciplinary approach and looks at extreme sport psychology, injury prevention and management of the injured extreme athlete, sport-specific safety equipment, training methodology, and event medical coverage.

The face-to-face intensive learning experience will broaden your medical horizons with practical skills to improve the care of athletes and events in the extreme sports of: BASE jumping, caving, cave diving and free diving, mountain biking, adventure racing and ultra-endurance running among others.

This course provides both theoretical and practical coverage of the following topics:

  • Event coverage for different extreme sports events
  • Common injuries and specific medical conditions in extreme sports athletes
  • Extreme sports equipment
  • The psychology of extreme sports athletes and the role of cognitive bias in injury and accident prevention
  • Nutrition for extreme sports

Download the brochure (PDF)


  • Health Professionals: $3,500 (GST incl)


  • University of Tasmania, Medical School Precinct (MSP) and surrounding locations in Hobart

Pre-course Preparation

All students will have access to the full on-line learning modules of the Extreme Sports Medicine post-graduate unit, which includes more than 100 hours of content on the different sports, specifically tailored to healthcare providers. This access will be available both before and after the practical course.

  • To access the pre-course preparation and to get a better feel of the what the course will be like please visit . You will need to create a login in that system to access the pre-course resources.

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Further Study Options

This course is being offered by the University of Tasmania as either a stand alone course or as an elective unit in the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare in Remote and Extreme Environments (M5A). Students interested in completing the Extreme Sports Medicine unit (CAM634) as part of the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare in Remote and Extreme Environments (M5A) should email Melissa Mace ( to discuss the enrolment process.

By undertaking further study, you will be able to deepen your knowledge of healthcare in remote and extreme environments.

In addition to Expedition medicine, other units available include:

  • CAM503 Operational Aspects of Healthcare in Remote and Extreme Environments
  • CAM619 Medicine in Extreme Environments
  • CAA500 Advanced Clinical Reasoning in Out of Hospital Practice (for Paramedics)
  • KHB701 Human Behaviour in Extreme Environments
  • CAM631 Expedition Medicine
  • CAM632 Humans in Space
  • CAM635 Medical Care on Offshore and Inland Waters

For further details visit the website at

COVID-19 Information

Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellations advised in writing 21 days prior to the Short Course / Workshop will be refunded in full.
  2. Cancellation due to illness, supported by a medical certificate, will be refunded in full.
  3. Cancellations received between 14 and 20 days prior to the commencement of the course will receive a 50% refund.
  4. A refund will not be granted to any registrant that cancels up to 13 days prior to the commencement of the course, or fails to attend.
  5. Full payment is required upon course registration.
  6. The Tasmanian School of Medicine reserves the right to reschedule planned short courses. In the unlikely event of a cancellation, all paid short course fees will be refunded.