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Separate the Evidence from the Hype

Study Evidence Based Complementary Medicines. Online and part-time.

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Students commencing the Professional Honours course in July 2020 will receive a 75% tuition fee scholarship for the duration of the course.*

More Australians are turning to Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs) as they seek to boost their health and wellbeing in an increasingly demanding and stressful world.

Due to the increasing use of CAMs, highly trained professionals including pharmacists, naturopaths and allied health professionals face a growing range of products becoming available on the market.

Improve your ability to confidently practice evidence-based integrative medicine

Develop your evidence-based knowledge and skills in CAMs with our online and part-time Evidence Based Complementary Medicines course and pathways. Suitable for your Continuing Professional Development requirements, you will be enabled to keep up-to-date with the ever-increasing use of these products to better communicate with your patients or clients.

*Conditions apply.

Courses, Options and Pathways

Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicines (M5Q)

  • 4 UNITS - Coursework
  • Online, part-time
  • Complete in a minimum of 1 year or maximum 3 years
  • Articulate to the Bachelor of Medicines Management in Evidence Based Complementary Medicines

Bachelor of Medicines Management with Professional Honours in Complementary Medicines (M4U)

  • 8 UNITS – Coursework and Research
  • Online and part-time
  • Complete in a minimum of 2 year or maximum 5 years
  • Pathway to further study in a research higher degree

Sarah Poulton, Graduate

"The degree at UTAS is the most robust course I’ve done so far".

Sarah said the best thing she took away from the course is an enhanced ability to conduct research and to evaluate the evidence that is out there.

"I took a lot away regarding herb and drug interaction, as well as drug and nutrient interactions and the ways they’re processed within the body," she said.

I definitely have a greater depth of understanding of that field than I had prior to starting the course.

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