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Wei Qi Chau (Claire), Bachelor of Pharmacy

Wei Qi Cha patting a kangaroo

When Claire was searching for a University to study Pharmacy, she wanted one which offered a balance between lifestyle and study while also having the opportunity to grow her social networks. Fortunately, Claire has found this, and more, at the University of Tasmania.

“It has been a highlight for me to meet people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and continue to build interpersonal relationships with them. This has also allowed me to broaden my networks in the field of Pharmacy.”

“I chose the University of Tasmania not just because of its highly reputable teaching and research, but the staff-to-student ratios. This benefits us as smaller classes allow us get the attention and support to reach our highest academic potential.”

“Also, the cost of living is more affordable compared to other regions of Australia. Tasmania has such a beautiful and clean natural environment which I feel creates a more conducive atmosphere for learning. I enjoy having a great work-life balance here while studying at the University of Tasmania.”

Claire has found her learning experience to be strengthened by the University’s individual student focus. “Our lecturers always make time to help when we need extra assistance. Angus Thompson is my favourite lecturer. The quality of his teaching has helped further ignite my passion for the pharmacy profession. He was also very supportive and was willing to offer extra sessions and individual help to improve my learning.”

Many students studying health related courses at the University of Tasmania find working in or volunteering time in a rural area to be a very rewarding experience. Claire is excited for this opportunity. “Being able to go to rural areas to serve my internship as a part of the course is important to me as it will offer me a diverse learning environment while also allowing me to feel I’m supporting communities with fewer health services than major cities.”

“I think it’s great that the University of Tasmania can provide the internships and overseas learning opportunities to enhance the student experience. This will help you to discover your potential and achieve your goals in life.”

“You will have fun while studying here thanks to all sorts of different clubs and societies that you can join. There are also a range of resources to support your development to help you to achieve your career goals.”

“To me, the word Health means the ‘state of being well’. And my passion has always been to become a healthcare professional who can improve the health and well-being of the public.”