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Health Innovation Program

The Health Innovation Program is an interdisciplinary group of academics united by a focus on health advancement, which includes health promotion, health protection, health service improvement and the provision of healthcare in remote and extreme environments.

Our commitment is to innovation that improves the health and wellbeing of our communities. We are intentionally place-based, with a focus on advancing the health and health system for Tasmanians, while undertaking education and research that can be applied nationally and globally.

Learning and Teaching

Cutting-edge postgraduate courses targeted at contemporary and future-focussed issues faced by healthcare in Tasmania and across Australia and the world.

Our postgraduate courses on Public Health, Environmental Health, Leadership in Health and Health and Human Services, Clinical Redesign, and Healthcare in Remote and Extreme Medicine will help prepare health professionals for the challenges of providing safe and effective health services across a variety of settings. The academic staff of the Health Innovation Program bring research expertise, clinical acumen and real world experience to the delivery of these distinctive postgraduate.


Our research and evaluation work is applied, pragmatic and collaborative, focusing on improving health system performance and community capacity for health advancement.

Our research is locally relevant and globally significant. We are deeply committed to conducting world-class research which improves health outcomes for the Tasmanian community.

Browse our Research Groups

Our research is as diverse as our membership.

We focus our research efforts on issues that are directly relevant to improving the health and wellbeing of Tasmanians. Our research projects span epidemiology, health intervention research, health system re-design and multi-method investigative and evaluative studies that build capacity in the health system for more effective interventions and services.