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Call for Papers: AI Ethics: Exploring the interfaces

The conference has been cancelled.

The aim of this conference is to explore ethical, legal and societal issues raise by AI autonomous systems (e.g. intelligent medical systems, brain-computer interfaces, AI social and media robots, defence autonomous assemblages, etc).

The conference will explore how AI innovation may overcome or increase societal disadvantage and vulnerabilities, in particular those generated or exacerbated by increased levels of AI autonomy.

This conference is designed to attract early career researchers (Post-Docs, PhDs, Master students), there will be a special section devoted for their presentations.

What are the goals and objectives of the event?

  1. Advance ethical, social and legal knowledge link to novel usage of AI system, in particular autonomous ones.
  2. Engage critically to shed lights on issues raised by AI.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Robert Sparrow, Monash University
  • Wendy Rodger, Macquarie University
  • Jason Robert, Arizona State University
  • Jenny Davis, Australian National University

Please send your abstract (Max 300 words), with email subject entitled “ABSTRACT for AI Ethics: Exploring the interfaces” to by March 30th.

Notification of papers acceptance will be sent by April 15th. Further questions should be addressed to Fred Gilbert with email subject entitled “QUESTION for AI Ethics: Exploring the interfaces”.

For more information, please contact Dr Frederic Gilbert

Published on: 20 Apr 2020 9:19am