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A taste of cultural tourism: first in a new public lecture series

The Director of Launceston's Queen Victoria Museum of Art Gallery, Richard Mulvaney, will kick off a new public lecture series on August 9 with a talk on the role of museums and cultural tourism in Tasmania.

Tourism opportunities in Tasmania have traditionally been focussed on the island's outstanding natural wilderness, yet it is a State that also has a significant arts and culture focus.

Tasmania's long tradition of cultural and built heritage is entwined as it should be with the arts. Our museums are playing an increasing role in developing our cultural identity and celebrating our diverse and creative peoples. MONA has led the way and created a paradigm shift in how we see our cultural institutions and their place in contemporary society.

There will seven lectures on various topics spanning August to October, which are part of the Humanities and Social Sciences Taster Lecture Series.

Published on: 27 Jul 2017 1:22pm