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Ogoh-Ogoh: Successful night at Dark Mofo

For the fourth year, the Ogoh-Ogoh project has been a huge success at Dark Mofo winter festival.

More than 90000 people visited Dark Park with many seeing this year's cave spider ogoh-ogoh and writing down their fears. Over 15000 saw it burn on the final night of the festival. Initiated by Asian Studies, Global Cultures and Languages and directed by UTAS graduate Cas Charles, the project commissions 3 artists from Bali to make a Tasmanian version of this Indonesian ritual object. Enthusiastic participation from the Indonesian community of Tasmania was enhanced by the attendance of the new Indonesian Consul-General, Orchida D'Orca. And this year, over 70 international student volunteers were organised by UTAS media student Li Yang to provide invaluable assistance. As inspiration for the ogoh-ogoh came from the Tasmanian cave spider, Asian Studies also hosted a sold out screening of the award winning documentary Sixteen Legs, a project from the Bookend Trust which was co-directed and based on the extensive research by UTAS research associate Dr Niall Doran.

Published on: 28 Jun 2018 12:01pm