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A Living Force: Andrew Inglis Clark and the Ideal of Commonwealth






A Living Force : Andrew Inglis Clark and the Ideal of Commonwealth


Editor Richard Ely (with Marcus Haward and James Warden)

$28.50 (Paperback) / $60.00 (Hardcover)

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This important book presents papers by leading Australian historians and lawyers on the ideas of Andrew Inglis Clark, and includes a selection of Clark's own papers. It seeks to envisage Clark in the context of his times. It ponders what is living and what is dead in his legacy.

Contributors include Andrew Inglis Clark, and Michael Bennett, Alex Castles, Richard Davis, Richard Ely, Guy Green, Michael Kirby, Alex McLaren, the late Frank Neasey, Stefan Petrow, Henry Reynolds, Michael Roe, James Thomson and John Williams.

'Clark was the primary architect of our Constitution.' - Sir William Deane

'[In this] centenary year Australians are reflecting as never before on the framers of the Constitution. Andrew Inglis Clark is by no means the most famous of these. Yet his life is interesting. His values are remarkably enduring. And his influence is increasingly strong.' - Hon. Michael Kirby

'In any appreciation of Clark's contribution it is understandable that emphasis should be placed upon his work as a founder of the Constitution, the sponsor of much reform legislation and the man who introduced the Hare-Clark electoral system to the world. But it should not be overlooked that as well, Clark was a poet, a very able barrister, a Vice-Chancellor and, according to some, the best sawmill engineer in Tasmania.' - Sir Guy Green

'The problems of race, nation and diversity which Clark had to deal with are still with us. ... In many ways he still speaks to our current interests and concerns." - Professor Henry Reynolds

Number of pages: approx. 440
Price: RRP $28.50 (pb) and $60 (hb) (incl. GST)

This publication is generously supported by grants from the University of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Government through the Centenary of Federation, Tasmania.

Proceeds from sales will be used to endow a prize or scholarship at the University of Tasmanian the name of Andrew Inglis Clark.