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Tasmanian Historical Studies Vol 10, 2005






Tasmanian Historical Studies - Vol. 10, 2005


Multiple Authors


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  • Introduction: Alison Alexander
  • Robin Haines
    Tragedy or triumph? Migrant voyages to Australia in the age of sail
  • Jim Hammerton
    Ten Pound Tasmanians: the British-Tasmanian experience of postwar assisted migration
  • Lyn Andersch
    Tasmania - our most recent humanitarian arrivals
Additional papers
  • Billy Badger
    'Second-hand Realities': Erich Fried and Tasmania
  • Margaret Lindley
    A College of Moral Exhibition: The Stranger in Hobart
  • Hamish Maxwell-Stewart
    The life and death of James Thomas
  • Will Mooney
    A Great Imperial Idea? The Plantation Homes Scheme and Empire child migration in Tasmania, 1920-1930
  • Joanna Richardson
    A Hobart mistress and her convict servants
  • Elisabeth Wilson
    'Do the next thing': Henry Lewis Garrett and the evolution of the Hobart Brethren assembly