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Tasmanian Historical Studies Vol 15, 2010






Tasmanian Historical Studies - Vol. 15, 2010


Multiple Authors


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  • Introduction: Michael Hess
  • Tim Jetson
    Economic History - the Neglected Relative of Australian Historiography?
  • Bronwyn Meikle
    Hard Times in the Golden Age: The Long Depression of Tasmania, 1857 - 1875
  • Humphrey McQueen
    As Tasmanian as Apple Pie: The Lockout of Builder's Labourers
  • Peter Wilde and Elissa Sutherland
    Venturing Overseas: Geography and the Cadbury Chocolate Factory at Claremont, Tasmania, 1921-67
  • Michael Hess
    'We Made a Good Team...': Establishing the Federated Liquor and Allied Industry Employees Union in Tasmania
  • Karin Dowling
    Recording Tasmanian Labour History: Analysing the Narratives of Three Breakthrough Women Union Leaders
  • Alison Alexander
    Industrial Relations at the Electrolytic Zinc Works, 1916-85
  • Pamela Sharpe
    Max Hartwell (1921-2009): The Economic History of Van Diemen's Land in Global Context