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Online Hate Speech: Applying a Gendered Lens Scholarship

Are you thinking about studying Honours in 2020? Do you have a major in either Philosophy or Gender Studies? Are you interested in the role that gender—being a man, woman, or non-binary—plays in free speech and hate speech debates? Do you have an interest in online social spaces?

Do you seek to understand

  • What hate speech is and why people engage with it?
  • How, if at all, hate speech is amplified on the internet, and whose responsibility it is to moderate?
  • What kind of harms, if any, hate speech can inflict?
  • Who can be a victim of hate speech?
  • Whether there should be laws that punish online and/or offline hate speakers?
  • Whether there is a right to be safe from hate speech, and whether such a right would be compatible with a right to free speech?
  • Whether there is a right to free speech, and whether such a right would entail access to certain platforms from which to speak (especially social media platforms)?

If so, then Dr Louise Richardson-Self wants to hear from you!

In 2019 Dr Richardson-Self was awarded a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award from the Australian Research Council to support her research project Hate Speech Against Women Online: Concepts and Countermeasures (DE190100719). She is seeking to supervise up to two Honours students whose major research thesis will explore one of the above dot-point questions with particular emphasis on the role and impact of gender in this domain.


Available to students commencing Humanities Honours in Semester 1, 2020, in the College of Arts, Law and Education, specialising in Philosophy or Gender Studies. Students will need to satisfy the Honours entry requirements of the relevant discipline, to be discussed with the Honours Coordinator.

Ongoing Eligibility: To retain this award, recipients are required to achieve a minimum Pass result in all units studied each semester.


Student applications should consist of:

  • A paragraph indicating which research question the applicant proposes to investigate and how they plan to incorporate a gender-sensitive perspective.
  • A copy of the applicant’s academic transcript.

All applications should be sent by email to Dr Louise Richardson-Self at

Number of awards


Amount of Each Award



One year

Application Closing Date

Monday 20 January 2020.

Assessment Process

  • Applications received by Monday 20 January 2020.
  • Applications assessed by a committee consisting of Dr Louise Richardson-Self (Supervisor and Humanities Honours Coordinator), Dr Lucy Tatman (Gender Studies), Dr Richard Corry (Philosophy, Graduate Research Coordinator), and Dr Ruby Grant (Sociology, External Committee Member).
  • Students informed of decision Monday 10 February 2020.