Indigenous Health Theme Bank

Welcome to the Indigenous Health Theme Bank (IHTB)

larapuna (Eddystone Pt)The University of Tasmania objectives are to treat Australia's Indigenous people with respect and sensitivity. The faculties would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners, Elders and Aboriginal people. The material covered in the Theme Bank is intended for educational use covering a diversity of information. Feedback for improving content is welcome.

As a result the Theme Bank may contain sensitive, confronting material that may offend some people.

The Theme Bank intends to better inform people about Indigenous health issues.

The IHTB has been developed for University of Tasmania students and staff as a teaching and learning resource. The aim of the site is to better inform the knowledge base of Indigenous health and educational circumstances in the 21st century based on history, land dispossession and family breakdown.

Information in the IHTB is drawn from publically available information spanning protocols, guidelines, journal publications, policy and practice frameworks. Narratives will share stories and contexts for an improved understanding of circumstances. Specifically, Health Science and Education students and staff access the Theme Bank as a curriculum resource, placement orientation and assessment.

The IHTB was initially funded by a Teaching and Development Grant and is maintained by the Aboriginal Higher Education Advisor and the School of Medicine.