Indigenous Health Theme Bank

Recommended Texts

General Health Texts

Inter Professional Education texts

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  • Bachelard, M. (1997) The Great Land Grab Hyland House
  • Barr, Andy (1988) Traditional Bush Medicines: an Aboriginal pharmacopea Greenhouse Publications ISBN 0864 361 67X
  • Brand Miller, J. (1993) Tables of Composition of Australian Aboriginal Foods, Canberra, Aboriginal Studies Press, ISBN 0855752424
  • Colin, T & Garrow, A. (1998) Thinking, Listening, Looking, Understanding and Acting as You Go Along (2nd ed.) CRANA, Alice Springs
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  • Ellis, R. (Ed.). (1996). Indigenous health promotion resources: a national information guide for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers. 2nd edition: Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal.
  • Humphrey, K., et al (200) Forgetting Compliance ISBN 1876248591
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  • Wass, A (2000) Promoting Health: The Primary Health Care Approach, Harcourt Saunders 0-7295-3425-1