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Short-term Sandy Bay campus reconfiguration

The short-term reconfiguration of the Sandy Bay campus project is the next stage of the Sandy Bay Campus Development Strategy. Works already undertaken under the strategy are summarised on the Campus Revitalisation Program project page.

The most significant portion of the reconfiguration project is the redevelopment of the Old IMAS Building to accommodate the School of Education, which will move from its current location in Hytten Hall, and University College. The project will involve redevelopment of the Old IMAS Building and a number of phased relocation projects.

Separate project user groups have been established for each group affected by the relocation projects to ensure that consultation, communication and change management processes are in place that result in issues being addressed in a timely manner, and a smooth transition occurs with minimal impact to students and staff. Project updates for staff will be published on the project details page (staff access only).

Buildings that will be affected by this project are:

  • Old IMAS Building (SB.AJ13)
  • Maths Building (SB.AT15)
  • Old Medical Sciences Building (SB.BE26)
  • Administration Building (SB.AW21)
  • Social Sciences Building (SB.AX17)
  • Morris Miller Library (SB.AU19)
  • Studio Theatre (SB.AW20)
  • Hytten Hall (SB.AW31)

These buildings are shown on the map of the Sandy Bay campus below.

Map showing location of buildings mentioned on this web page