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What to do in an emergency

An incident just happened – what should I do?

In an emergency dial 000 and provide them with the following information (or as much as you know):

  • What has occurred
  • Who is involved
  • Where you are and/or the incident is
  • When the incident occurred

An emergency is any situation that:

  • poses an immediate threat to life, health, property, or environment
  • has already caused loss of life, risk to health, property damage, or environmental damage
  • has a high probability of escalating to cause immediate danger to life, health, property, or environment.

Follow up with a call to UTAS Security to tell them that you have called the police, fire or ambulance; give Security the same information (what, who, where and when).

Contact details for UTAS Security
Hobart Security + 61 3 6226 7600 or extension 7600 from an internal phone
Launceston and Cradle Coast Security + 61 3 6226 7600 or extension 7600 from an internal phone
Rozelle (Sydney) Security + 61 3 6226 7600 

You can also use the UTAS Help Points and press the button for Security

Note: It is important to contact Security as they will be able to liaise with emergency services and guide them to your location or the location of the incident.

In a non-emergency call UTAS Security first and they will provide a course of action.

Informing others and logging the incident

Once you have taken initial action, you need to inform your faculty or supervisor about the event. If they are not available, contact the Student Centre in person or by phoning 1800 817 675.

If you are a UTAS staff member, please advise your supervisor, faculty head and/or Human Resources.

Please lodge an incident report using the University's WHS incident reporting system. This will ensure that heads of schools are informed about the incident.

For more information about reporting incidents and hazards, see the WHS reporting page.

Other contacts

Emergency Services also have non-emergency direct lines where you can obtain information:

See also emergency procedures and evacuation guides