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Why choose the University of Tasmania?

Why would an international student select the University of Tasmania over other universities?  The key selling points provides a short list of important reasons for choosing this University.

Counsellors should be able to remember these unique features.

There is also access to more detailed information about the benefits of studying at the University of Tasmania.

Key Selling Points

  • The University of Tasmania is the fourth oldest University in Australia.
  • It is ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide
  • It is one of the best research universities in Australia.
  • Small class sizes, personalised attention and ready access to lecturers and tutors.
  • The University has one of the most generous scholarship schemes for international students in Australia.
  • Tasmanian campuses have amongst the lowest cost of living for students in Australia, particularly for accommodation.
  • Tasmania is a safe, friendly environment.
  • The University has more than 6,500 international students from over 100 countries.
  • Dedicated academic and general support for international students (short and long-term career support, community link support through UTASLife).

More detailed information on why students choose this university is on the international future student site.

This may help you decide if a potential student is right for the University of Tasmania.  These profiles are the result of regular surveys of our international students.

The University regularly surveys its international students and one of the questions asked is "Why did you choose the University of Tasmania?". From these surveys, we get a picture, in general terms, of a typical University of Tasmania international student:

  • University of Tasmania students are typically looking for a very good university. Some cannot afford the Group of Eight, but still want to study at the best;
  • Some have good academic results from school or college and want to be rewarded with a scholarship;
  • Some want a qualification, taught in English, that is recognised internationally;
  • Some chose this University because its professional training was highly valued by employers;
  • Some are following their brother or sister, or a friend, from their home town;
  • Some are attracted by the lower cost of living, reasonable tuition fees and student discounts available in Tasmania;
  • Many research students say they want to study at this University because it is the best in their chosen field;
  • Some just want to study somewhere that's different, safe, friendly, beautiful, interesting - they don't follow trends blindly;
  • Some like the outdoors - bush walking, camping, skiing, swimming, or just exploring Tasmania - Australia's Holiday Island. One Chinese student said in a survey "I am studying where Australian and international people come for their holidays. How lucky is that!".

Below is a selection of links that should help your counsellors find essential information when counselling potential students about studying at the University of Tasmania.

The following links will open a new window of the University of Tasmania website:

How to get hereCampusesCourses at a Glance | Application Procedure ScholarshipsHousing | Learning development and student advice

As well there is focused information about Tasmania available at:

Tasmania (location, time zone, cost of living, work, immigration)

Useful Links about Tasmania