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Password English language offshore placement test

The Password Test

The Password Test is designed so that it can be taken in an agents' office.

Password is an on-line English language test which is used to calculate approximately how many weeks of ELICOS a student will need to study before meeting English language requirements.

It is important to note that this is an indication of number of study weeks only. Students cannot get an unconditional degree offer from this University using a Password test score and students are unable to meet an English language condition on a degree offer using a Password score.

Which students need to take Password?

The University requires a reliable indicator of a student's English language level in order to issue an Offer of Enrolment letter for the English component of a University of Tasmania Package Offer.

If a student has a recent test result from IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson's, or Cambridge, they should not be asked to take the Password test but rather, should provide a copy of their test results with their University application.

Password test results are not accepted as meeting the English language requirement for academic studies at the University of Tasmania and cannot be used to replace IELTS or TOEFL test scores.

Which agents are using Password?

The University has selected a number of key agents to have access to the Password test for their applicants and these agents have been advised of their Password User Code.

Having a Password User Code provides agents with a secure version of the test to use in their office.

Once an agent has set up Password on their PC or a number of PCs, they will see the number of tests that have been allocated to their office. If the agency has multiple branches, it is possible for each branch to access the Password test with the User Code that has been allocated to the agency's Head Office.

If an agent has used most of the tests allocated to them, they should contact to request further tests be available to them through their account. This should be done prior to using the last test.

Any authorised University of Tasmania agent can request access to Password tests and if an agent has not been selected as one of our key agents with access to the test, interest can be registered by contacting, indicating that you would like access to the Password test. For further information please read the Introductions for delivering the test.

Who pays for the test?

The University's English Language Centre pays for the cost of the test and no charge is made to the agent or the student.

To minimise our costs, we ask that agents do not ask students with recent IELTS, TOEFL or other similar test results to take the test, as we can estimate the amount of English required from these scores.

How does the University's Admissions staff know that a student has taken a test?

The agent must notify Admissions staff that a student has completed a test. This can be done by choosing the Password option on the online application form and/or by emailing Staff will then know to access the results.

How does Admissions staff access test results?

The Test results are available only to the English Language centre Admissions staff. Staff review the results to estimate the number of weeks ELICOS required to meet the English language requirement of the student's intended academic program. An Offer of Enrolment letter is then issued for the number of weeks recommended.

Students cannot get an unconditional degree offer from the University of Tasmania using a Password test score and will not be able to meet an English language condition on a degree offer using a Password score.