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How to Make Payments

One step in accepting your offer to study at the University of Tasmania includes paying a fee deposit, health cover and any other fees indicated on your Letter of Offer.

The following steps outline how to make these and any other future payments to the University. Ensure that you keep copies of the payments as proof of payment.

Convera provides the University of Tasmania with a reliable online payment application – the Convera student payment portal, through which you can make telegraphic transfer and credit card payments.

It is our preferred method of payment because it helps to reduce the number of lost payments, allows the University of Tasmania to receive your payment for the full value, and provides you certainty of up-front costs.

Step 1: Log onto Convera and enter your student information.

Step 2: Enter amount of Australian dollars to pay

Step 3: Select payment method – Credit/Debit Card or Telegraphic Transfer

Option a) Telegraphic Transfer

  • Select payment country/currency – due to international banking regulations some currencies are unable to be traded as part of this service. Where your currency does not appear as an option, select an alternative currency such as the US dollar.
  • Enter payer details and print document containing account information for Convera. Transfer your payment at your bank or via your online banking service, if applicable.

Option b) Credit card

  • Enter card details, select currency and make payment

Step 4: Payment finalised

Convera will transfer your payment to the University in Australian dollars on the same day we receive your payment.

This service also includes a dedicated student enquiry hotline that will help you through the payment process if needed.

Phone: +61 2 8585 7999 (Monday to Friday 8.30 to 6.00pm. Sydney time (AEDT).