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Tuition Fee Disclaimer

Tuition fees stated on this website are listed as an annual fee, unless stated otherwise.

All fees are correct at the time of publishing and are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD$). Published fees are based on Semester 1, 2021 rate with the fee for the first two semesters (1st year), quoted at the 2021 rate  Annual Tuition Fee rate. If you're completing your course in a shorter period of time and taking more than 100% load each year your offer letter will reflect the amount you will need to pay for your course.

Fees are Consumer Price Indexed (CPI) which means tuition fees will increase annually. The amount of indexation to be applied to course fees is determined on an annual basis with total course tuition fees being comprised of projected annual fee rates, which may be subject to change.

For example, students who commence their degree in semester 1 (February) will pay the 2021 annual fee. For students who commence their degree in semester 2 (July) will pay the 2021 annual fee rate for their first semester of study and as their second semester will commence in 2022 the tuition fee will be based on the indicative 2022 annual fee rate. For units studied in 2022, the 2022 fee rate will apply.

Graduate Certificate programs are usually 6 months in duration and fees are calculated at half the annual fee rate.

*Bachelor of Nursing (Accelerated) H3O is listed with an academic calendar year tuition fee (two semesters). As this course is offered over three semester per year calculation of fees can be made by adding 1/2 the annual fee to the indicative academic calendar year fee.

** 2021 rate Annual Tuition Fee is inclusive of the compulsory Student Services and Amenities (SSA) fee. The SSAF for 2021 is up to AUD$313.

Studying online or via distance

International students who will be studying from a country outside Australia may undertake their entire studies by distance education. International students who would like to study on-campus in Australia must attend face to-face classes and therefore may not enrol exclusively in distance learning. On-campus students are expected to study at a normal full-time study load (4 units) each semester to ensure they can complete their course within the approved duration.


Course availability is subject to change.