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Postgraduate degrees by research

At the University of Tasmania, we are tackling the most pressing issues of local and global significance through our research strengths: Environment, Resources & Sustainability; Creativity, Culture & Society; Better Health; Marine, Antarctic & Maritime; Data, Knowledge & Decisions.

It also helps that we've got world-class facilities and supervisors who are leaders in their fields – two of the reasons why we sit in the top 2% of research institutions in the world.

Postgraduate research degrees are specialised, research-intensive and a true mark of endeavour. Our mission is to ensure that you make an impact in your chosen field of study and to leave UTAS with a degree that ensures your successful entry into the job market, in a career of your choice. Our research degrees are designed to enable you to work with the best in the field in a unique research environment. You will gain a wide range of skills that let you work in diverse and challenging roles in industry, government, business and, of course, research and academic organisations.

The first steps in joining our body of world-class research students are choosing the right degree and the right supervisor. UTAS has over 1,000 researchers able to support you in your endeavours and to fulfil your aspirations. Begin your course search here.

Applying for a research degree is really easy! Visit our graduate research Apply Now page for a handy guide.

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