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Students tend to dress casually on campus, with most wearing jeans or casual skirts, t-shirts, casual shoes and a jumper or jacket, depending on the weather. You may also need formal clothes and shoes for work.

Make sure to bring clothes for both winter and summer as Tasmania enjoys four seasons, unlike the north of Australia.

There are no laws or rules on clothing in Australia, though some restaurants and pubs may require you to wear appropriate shoes and 'tidy' apparel.

Don't worry if you forget anything, though - there are plenty of shops where you can pick up clothes if you need them.

Tasmania is a multicultural society and the locals are very accepting of other races, cultures and religions. Wearing cultural or religious dress is accepted both on and off campus. In addition to specific day-to-day wear, some students also like to bring traditional clothes from their country for international or multicultural celebrations.

If you are studying a laboratory-based subject, you will be required to have closed shoes and in some clinical situations, strict dress standards may apply for hygiene purposes.