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Smoking and Sexual Harassment

Students safety, health and wellbeing are a priority for the University of Tasmania.

Currently there are a number of social expectations and concerns that affect our community, both here in Australia and overseas.

The University has taken steps to address some of these recent concerns and have developed some new policies and support structures to assist students who may be affected by these concerns.

Sexual Harassment Policy - Understanding the law and sexual harassment in Australia (PDF 130.5 KB)

Smoke-free campus

We want to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone. To support this, smoking and vaping are no longer permitted on any of our campuses, and we are a smoke-free university.

Smoking in Tasmania

There is no smoking in a lot of public spaces. Here is a quick reference image to help you:

Where not to smoke in Tasmania

Did you know?

  • Bringing tobacco with you when travelling into Australia by plane or boat is restricted to 25 sticks (cigarettes) or 25 grams per person. Anything above this will incur a tobacco excise tax which must be paid.
  • There are restrictions to importing tobacco products. Any student considering this should check current Australian government policies.
  • You are not allowed to sell tobacco or smoking products in Tasmania without a license. Any student considering this should check with the Department of Health.