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Virtual Reality

View Tasmania without leaving home!

The University of Tasmania offers you state-of-art facilities and beautiful campuses set in stunning locations around Tasmania. Why not view them now?

We provide you with a selection of 360° views of various locations on campus and around the state, so you can enjoy a virtual tour of the University and Tasmania before you come here. And if you're interested, you can view them 3D using our virtual-reality glasses on your smart phone! Scroll down to download the apps!

To view the panoramas, just click and drag to navigate left, right, up or down.

360º Panoramas

Newnham - AMC: Towing Tank

The Australian Maritime College (AMC), an institute of the University of Tasmania, based on the Launceston Campus. The Towing Tank is used by Engineering students to conduct model boat experiments.

Sandy Bay Student Accommodation

One of the many accommodation options available on-campus, this video, taken from a balcony on one of the Apartment options, provides views looking down over the campus towards the Derwent River, Hobart.

Hobart - IMAS: Balcony and Lounge

The Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), based on the waterfront in Salamanca, Hobart, gives you an internal view of the balcony and lounge area for staff and students studying here.

Newnham Art Faculty

An external view of the Faculty of Arts building, based on the Launceston campus, caters to students undertaking humanities and social science based subjects.

Hobart TCotA Printmaking

The Tasmanian College of the Arts (TCotA) Printmaking room, based in Hobart, this facility is situated on the waterfront and caters to students studying Fine Art and Visual Communications.

Hobart Salamanca Market

One of the many fun activities to do whilst studying the Hobart Salamanca Market takes place every Saturday on the waterfront and is a main attraction to both locals and tourists alike.

Hobart - School of Medicine Lab Class

Situated in the Medical Sciences Precinct in Hobart's CBS, the School of Medicine Lab Classes cater to all those studying Medicine, Nursing, Biomedical and a number of health based courses.

Sandy Bay Morris Miller Library

One of the main University Libraries, based on Hobart's Sandy Bay campus, the Morris Miller Library caters to all your reference material needs with lots of places for group and individual study.

Google Cardboard

At the University of Tasmania, we are inspired by the link between technology and the imagination. We always aim to push further, to broaden horizons, to challenge convention.

That's why we've come up with a game changer.

A device so stunning and so easy to use it re-imagines and redefines the student experience. It embodies all that we aim to achieve at the University of Tasmania.

Google Cardboard is a smartphone-based Virtual Reality platform that takes an inexpensive cardboard constructed viewer and, by inserting the everyday phone into it, transforms it into an immersive panoramic experience of selected university campus locations.

We believe an image speaks a thousand words. This device speaks more than any pamphlet or handout – it speaks to our sense of adventure.

Once a smartphone is inserted into the VR Viewer and the application loads up, the VR Viewer application senses movement and rotates the image accordingly, creating the illusion that you are experiencing stunning campus images. It's as if you were standing right there.