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Direct Entry Program

What we Offer

The Direct Entry Program is a 2-tier course: EAP1 (Intermediate) and EAP2 (Upper Intermediate+). Successful completion of the EAP2 course will provide you with entry into your desired University of Tasmania degree, without the need for a recognised English exam score.

Program Length

The Direct Entry Programs are offered in 10-week blocks.  If you have an English test score: IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, you can find out below how many weeks you may need to study to meet English entry requirements for a University of Tasmania degree. The time you spend in this program will depend on your English entry-level and how quickly you reach the required level for your chosen degree.

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If you do not have an IELTS, PTE or TOEFL score, you will need to sit an English placement test.  We can arrange a test for you.

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Start Date

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Class structure

EAP1: 10 weeks

This course meets a range of needs providing essential English for Academic Purposes (EAP) fundamentals for those with tertiary study ambitions as well as consolidation of broader language structures. It provides intensive English-language tuition for intermediate-level learners.

Sample Timetable - EAP1 (PDF 161.2 KB)

Students develop ability and confidence by focusing on:
  • Developing vocabulary
  • Effective communication
  • Writing summaries, essays and reports
  • Relevant note-taking
  • Collaborative group work
  • Presentation skills

EAP2: 10 weeks

EAP2 are rigorous academic English units that help students acquire the necessary skills to undertake studies in University of Tasmania degree programs.

Through learning tasks and assignments that reflect the standard of English expected at the tertiary level, these challenging units provide students with academic language skills and study strategies necessary for success at the university level. Completion of EAP2 with the required pass marks satisfies the English language requirement for entry into undergraduate and postgraduate University of Tasmania degree programs.

  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • The use of academic conventions
  • Constructing essays/reports and retrieving and citing relevant sources
  • Managing a university workload
  • Preparing and presenting research assignments


Students are assessed on their academic language, research and study skills across the following areas:

  • Academic Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening and note-taking
  • Reading strategies and comprehension
  • Critical thinking and research skills

Course Progression


While many students progress steadily through their course, some students may need to spend additional time building their skills and confidence.  It is important to note that you may need to repeat one or more levels if you are not making satisfactory progress.  When thinking about your study plans, you may need to allow time for additional study before commencement of your intended degree.

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