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Location & geography

Tasmania is Australia’s most southern, and only island state – and arguably its most beautiful.

Map of TasmaniaIt is separated from mainland Australia by a 240 kilometer stretch of water called Bass Strait. Though technically an island it is roughly the size of Ireland or Sri Lanka and double the size of Taiwan.

With a population of only a little over half a million people, we boast some of the purest air and clearest skies in the world – great for study and outdoor living but also for observing the stunning Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights.

Tasmania is, of course, most famous for its nature: separated from the mainland, it has many species found nowhere else on earth and more than 40 percent of the state is protected in national parks and reserves.

The state is made of up some of the world’s most stunning landscapes – sweeping, turquoise beaches speckled with startling orange rocks, craggy snow-capped mountains, and towering ancient forests.

You’ll love getting out in the evenings and on weekends to relax, play sport or do some sightseeing.