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Tasmanian weather

Tasmania is the only Australian state that experiences four true seasons, so you’ll get to enjoy striking visual changes taking place with each turn of season – from stunning spring blooms and the native beech tree’s breathtaking autumnal colour changes, to winter’s snow-capped peaks and the lure of sparkling blue oceans in summer.

The warmest months are from November to March with average daily temperatures around 21 degrees Celsius. Winter average daily temperatures are around 13 degrees Celsius and around 4.5 degrees Celsius at night time.

While rainfall varies dramatically around the state, it is lowest in the most populated regions. Hobart is the second driest capital city in Australia, receiving about half as much rain per year as Sydney!

Like all Australian southern states, though, it’s wise to bring waterproof outer layers and warm clothing even if arriving in summer as weather can unexpectedly change within a matter of minutes.