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ISLAND Campus - It's never to late to follow your passion for study.

ISLAND Campus - It's never to late to follow your passion for study.

Introducing ISLAND Campus

Help us measure the impact University education has on dementia risk

The Island Study Linking Ageing and Neurodegenerative Disease (ISLAND) Project will involve a range of studies that relate to understanding who is at most risk of dementia and how we can self-manage risk behaviours to build resilience to dementia. Previous studies at the Wicking Dementia Centre have shown that engagement of older adults in University study provides benefits to cognitive function that may increase resilience to dementia.

As part of our study to determine the value of an educational intervention at the population level, we are inviting ISLAND Members to apply to study a broad range of courses offered by the University, free of tuition fees.

To be part of the ISLAND Project you must live in Tasmania and be aged 50 or above. To study as part of ISLAND Campus you just need to become an ISLAND Member, read the Participant Information Sheet (PDF 133KB) and, if acceptable, consent to complete the ISLAND Project online baseline surveys. Please visit the ISLAND Homepage to find out more.

Become an ISLAND Member today and complete your baseline surveys. Then start your studies by applying for your course from the below list.


Below is a list of all the courses that are available to ISLAND Members free of tuition fees. Please visit each course page for detailed information. Applicants will be subject to any standard course and admission rules.

What's next?

Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions for more information. We recommend you read the application guide before you apply to study. For more information about the ISLAND Project research, contact the ISLAND Team. For information about eligible courses and how to apply, contact Student Recruitment.

Frequently asked questions

Gaining access to the fee waiver is contingent on participating in the associated research. This involves doing some online surveys and cognitive testing before you begin and then each year for five years. At present all of the research assessments are online, but in future we may include in person interviews and health assessments. To find out all the details as to what to expect as an ISLAND Campus participant, including what you will be asked to do, who is doing the research and how your data and privacy are managed, please read this Participant Information Sheet (PDF 133KB).

You must be an ISLAND Project participant. It is easy to join, and anyone living in Tasmania and aged 50 or above can participate. For more information, or to sign up visit

You must have completed your ISLAND Project Baseline Surveys. Once you have signed up for ISLAND, you need to complete the online surveys. To do this, log on to the ISLAND webpage at

To find out all the details as to what to expect as an ISLAND Campus participant, please read this Participant Information Sheet (PDF 133KB).

You must be aged 50 to participate in the ISLAND Project. At this stage, we will be offering the tuition fee waiver for ISLAND Members in Semester 1 2021. We are unable to confirm whether new applications for courses will be considered after that time. Please keep an eye on our website for further updates.

Yes, you can participate in both the ISLAND Project and the Tasmanian Healthy Brain Project.  As an ISLAND Member you will need to complete baseline surveys and choose from one of the eligible courses to receive a tuition fee waiver.

We understand that starting at University, or returning to University later in life, will be challenging. The University of Tasmania has a range of support options to help you with your journey as a student. Visit Current Students to see what is on offer.

The first steps toward starting your studies include preparing for study, orientation and mapping your studies – visit First Steps to get started.

Once you have started your course, there are programs and resources to assist you in your studies. Help with managing your study, English language, referencing, assignment writing and other study tips and help may be found at Study Support.

All the courses offered under ISLAND Campus have a full HECS waiver. To be eligible for a HECS waiver you need to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident (i.e. eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place [CSP]).

The University Preparation Program (UPP) is designed to provide adult learners with academic learning skills and the confidence and personal skills needed to succeed at University.  The fee for this course will be waived for ISLAND Members. To find out more about UPP, please visit the University Preparation Program webpages here.

You will not have to pay any tuition or HECS fees, and you will not have to pay any Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF) – so you will pay no fees to the University. Any text books or other expenses are the responsibility of the student. Your HECS waiver will last for the duration of the course you are studying.

Eligible ISLAND Members will receive a $0 invoice. Please allow two weeks (from accepting your offer) for the discount to be applied. You do not need to take any action. If by the 3rd August 2020 your invoice does not show as $0 – please email us at and we will resolve any issue for you.

There is a broad range of courses available at Diploma and Bachelor level. The full list is on the homepage of this website. All students will need to meet the normal course entry requirements provided by the University of Tasmania.

If you would like to apply for a course outside of the ISLAND Campus offerings, you can; however you may not be eligible for a HECS waiver. If you wish to study more than one course, that is possible, but the tuition waiver for ISLAND Members is only for one course for the duration of the project.

Yes, we have dedicated team members to contact. Please click to contact our ISLAND Team or call us on 03 6226 6977. If you would like to discuss eligible courses, or need help applying to study, please click to contact Student Recruitment or phone 1300 363 864.

By clicking on the title of each course listed on the homepage, you will link through to full course information – and this will include any entry requirements and course rules that you may need to meet. It is important you read all the information provided about the course that you are interested in.

Not all courses offered to ISLAND Campus participants are available online. It will depend on the individual course. When you click onto the course of interest, you will be able to see the location – where the course is delivered – on the top right of the course overview. eg Diploma of Languages – offered in Hobart and Launceston, Diploma of Dementia Care – offered Distance (online).

Some courses will be held on campus from Semester 2. Please refer to COVID-19 updates for students for important health and access information, prior to commencing study.

Each course has different rules, please check your specific course.

Yes! We offer many courses at Diploma level that may be of interest. Student Advisors are also available to guide you through your studies.

If you are working, or it’s been a while since you last studied, we suggest you consider part time study in the first instance. Some courses may require certain study plans, however, most of our courses allow students to study part time.  For more information about part time study, please click here.

For semester and other important dates please visit Semester 2 2020 starts on 13 July.

You will need to apply using e-App, the University’s online application system. A link to e-App is here. Please refer to this step-by-step guide (PDF 2.6MB) to applying to guide you through.

Your application will be received and assessed for an offer. Upon receiving your offer, you will need to accept your offer for a place in your course before you start studying. Please regularly check your login at for any updates and your offer letter (your offer will not be emailed to you separately).

When you receive your Letter of Offer, acknowledge the offer by clicking view, then by clicking ‘accept’ – you will be accepting your offer to study at the University. Our Admissions team will then process your acceptance.  Please allow a week for processing time.  Your application will then be forwarded to our Fees department who will check your ISLAND Member status for eligibility. Once eligibility is confirmed the invoice for your studies will be issued at $0. Please allow two weeks for us to process and apply your discount. You can check your invoice by visiting e-Student:

At this stage, ISLAND Campus will be open for new applications to study for semester 2 2020 and semester 1 2021. You can choose to start your studies at either of these semesters and applications for semester 1 2021 will remain open until January 2021.

As a current ISLAND Member, your HECS fees (tuition fees) will be waived. If you decide that you no longer wish to participate in the ISLAND Project you will not be eligible for future tuition fee waivers under the ISLAND Campus. You will not be required to re-pay any tuition fees that have previously been waived.


To find out more, register for one of our ISLAND Campus webinars. Choose from a date below and click to register.