Communication Technologies

Domain Name Services


All enquiries regarding the use of DNS at the University should be directed to the service desk.

Telephone: Ext 2600

Network Time Services

All University computers, servers and printers can synchronise their time from a local time server (NTP). This time server is synchronised from a very accurate Australian time standard. The IP for the NTP server is, but the use of the DNS name is recommended if at all possible. This new server replaces older servers and If you already use the names timeserver.sandybay and timeserver.newnham (and the shorter equivalents) they will continue to work and so do not need changing.

Domain Name Services

All wired University computers, servers and printers must be registered with the University Domain Name Service (DNS) in order to gain access to wired data networks. DNS registrations for University assets can be performed by selected departmental computing support officers and trained DMS/Hub staff on behalf of departments with no dedicated ICT staff.

Host Registration

Host registrations and modifications can be performed by registered ICT staff.

Name Servers

The use of DHCP for all host IP configurations is highly recommended. However, if manual configuration of DNS settings in servers and printers is required, please use the following values. Please note that attempts to connect directly to remote DNS servers is blocked. All DNS queries must be performed against these official UTAS DNS servers.


Primary DNS

Secondary DNS

Sandy Bay, inc Taroona

Hobart CBD

Launceston, inc Inveresk and AMC

NW Coast