Communication Technologies

Wireless Internet Access

Wireless networks use radio waves and allow you to move your computer from place to place and connect to the network without having to worry about wires - provided your computer has a compatible wireless network card and you are within range of a wireless access point. University of Tasmania's wireless networks support the 802.11b and 802.11g wireless networking standards.

What services are available through the wireless network?

Once connected to the wireless network you can access a range of web-based services including library catalogue and database services, email and the Internet.

Is it secure?

Access to the UTAS wireless networks is authenticated and all wireless traffic - including login names and passwords - is encrypted to prevent unauthorised use of the network and eavesdropping. UTAS uses 802.1x authentication to accomplish this.

How do I connect to the wireless service?

Instructions on how to connect to wireless internet on campus can be found at eduroam.

Are personal wireless access points allowed in student accommodation?

Due to network management and security issues personal wireless access points may not be installed in student accommodation.