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Policies & Guidelines

UTAS Policies, Guidelines, Standards & Procedures

For other UTAS policies and guidelines, see the UTAS Policy Repository. Detailed advice on how to implement these policies and guidelines can be found in our Information Sheets.


The following list comprises the Acts and Regulations that are most relevant to recordkeeping in Tasmania, but should not be regarded as an exhaustive list, and staff should consult the Legal Office if unsure of the legal situation surrounding an action or incident. For day-to-day recordkeeping activities, there should be no need to consult the underpinning laws, but they are included here for the sake of completeness. All links are external: if any are broken, you should be able to access them at Tasmanian Legislation.

State Records Guidelines & Recordkeeping Advices

The Tasmanian Archive & Heritage Office (TAHO) is the State Government agency responsible for overseeing records management at State government agencies and statutory authorities (which includes the University of Tasmania). They periodically issue State Records Guidelines, which are mandatory, and State Recordkeeping Advices, which are optional recommendations based on best practice.