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Pre-recorded Video Only

About pre-recorded video-only and accessibility

Video or animation can be a stand-alone file, with or without audio or user interaction. Making pre-recorded video accessible can benefit people with visual, cognitive or seizure-related disabilities. Accessible video can also benefit people using certain technologies, which might not support video. For example, some mobile devices have limited FLASH support.

Single A

Making the video

Starting with 'shooting' with a camera or capturing video via a software package such as Captivate, or creating an animation, make sure that:

Making the purpose of your video clear

An alternative to video can be a document that describes the intent and purpose of the video, or an audio file that describes the video immediately before or after the video.

Because a video-only file is not text, it cannot be 'read' by a screen reader. Therefore, it must have a text alternative that serves the same purpose. This alternative must also be identified so people know it is non-text content. This alternative can be

Or, a brief description of the video, or a descriptive label of the video and:

Specific techniques

Operating the video in a webpage

People must be able to operate the video by any input device. Therefore, just providing functionality for the mouse is not enough, although the mouse should be able to access any content on the page. The keyboard must be able to operate the all functionality of the video


Double A

Making the video

No specific requirements relating to pre-recorded video production. Although if any text is included in the video, as screens or information added to precede the viewing of the video, such as credits or advertisements

Operating the video in a webpage

The controls to operate the video should be accessible with a keyboard, and should be visible (highlighted) when they receive focus. Therefore it is best to keep it simple, so

Triple A

Making the video

Making the purpose of your video clear

Tell the same 'story' in the video in a separate document.