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About forms

Forms need to have the right background code so that they can be used by screen readers. The order and structure of the forms is also important so that the form makes sense. They should also be fully accessible to people with mobility impairments who may be using the keyboard.

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Making forms

It is sometimes tempting to remove labels and even submit buttons to streamline design. Doing this can sometimes result in keyboard traps because JavaScript is usually added to provide the functionality that the missing visible element would provide, particularly for submitting forms or navigating through select lists. The added JavaScript may not include functionality for the keyboard. Make everything visible and keep it simple.

The UWCMS automatically adds labels and submit buttons to forms built in this system.

Making the purpose of your forms clear

The visible text labels for forms should be positioned where the user expects to find them, generally immediately before for text boxes and select lists, and immediately after for radio buttons and check boxes. This also means that all form fields should have a visible label. Also

Operating the form in a webpage

All form elements should be accessible with the keyboard.

When using the form, the user should be

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Making the form

No specific requirements

Making the purpose of your form clear

If the form is a legal, financial or data gathering form, provide a means of letting the user review the data before submitting.

Operating the form in a webpage

No specific requirements

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No specific requirements