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Agriculture graduate receives $120,000 scholarship to continue studies

An agriculture graduate from the University of Tasmania has received a prestigious $120,000 Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship to continue her research into Tasmania’s cider industry.

Madeleine Way, 22, graduated from the University of Tasmania last year with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Honours. Her sights weren’t always set on a career in agriculture but it’s become her passion and now she can’t imagine doing anything else.

“My honours project looked at four different varieties of apples (Bulmer’s Norman, Pink Lady, Red Delicious and Sturmer) and the ways pre-treatments could improve the quality of the apple juice for cider-making. The research had strong support from Tasmania’s cider industry and it was great to work on a project that was aligned with the needs of industry,” Madeleine said.

“I really enjoyed getting out into the field, working with industry and finding out more about this emerging industry and how it can be supported through science.

“As a result of studying agricultural science I’ve become really passionate about the cider industry. I know that’s where my future lies and it’s something that I’m really keen to get into, which is why I applied to do my PhD in cider with the University of Tasmania.”

The Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship will support Madeleine to complete her PhD with the University of Tasmania. The research is likely to lead to significant industry outcomes while also offering an exciting career path.

PhD supervisor Dr Jo Jones said Madeleine was extremely passionate about her research and displayed qualities of a future leader in the agriculture sector.

“There was a high level of industry engagement in Madeleine’s Honours project and industry have already adopted some of the findings of her research. This is a remarkable achievement from an Honours student and is a great indication of what Madeleine can achieve through this next step in her studies,” Dr Jones said.

“She has also been an active volunteer for sporting clubs and charities, demonstrating an ability to juggle casual work, community work and academic study.

“As a future leader in the agriculture sector, Madeleine will really benefit from the Leadership Development Program as part of the Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship, which supports recipients to build their leadership capabilities, create career pathways and succeed in their chosen field.”

Madeleine is one of just 22 young Australians to receive the prestigious Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship in 2017.

Published on: 30 Jan 2017 2:04pm