Dennison Collection offers unrivalled pictorial insight into the development of Tasmania

The donating of the Dennison Collection was an act of extraordinary vision, deep generosity and a remarkable legacy, according to University Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor Mike Calford.

Hobart resident Colin Dennison, pictured left with Professor Calford, has spent his life amassing and documenting more than 100,000 images, documents, maps and a host of other resources, which he has signed into perpetuity with the University Collection.

The collection is a priceless treasure trove of history and life across the State – a vast chronicle which will progressively be digitised and tagged as an ongoing asset to the State of Tasmania.

Professor Calford praised Mr Dennison's decision, saying the Collection could not be in safer hands and would grow in Tasmanians' understanding of the State and its heritage.

"Each of these images is a slice in time, offering an insight into the development of a State which is unique in geography and character," Professor Calford said.

"Because of its nature there will be keen interest in the Dennison Collection from a range of people including the general public, amateur historians and our world-class researchers."

University Digital Humanities Professor Paul Turnbull said the collection offered diversity, depth and enormous value.

 "This is one of the most significant collections of historical images in Australia outside any public collection," he said.

 "The heritage and research value of this collection is immense."

Published on: 07 Jan 2016 3:00pm