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New app to help tourists share their journeys around Tasmania

A new app based on Tasmania’s world-first Tourism Tracer project has been launched in time for the busy tourist season to help visitors share their journeys around the Apple Isle.

Tourism Tracer, which began as a tourist tracking research project at the University of Tasmania, has become a valuable online tool for the tourism industry, providing unprecedented insights into visitor behaviour.

When the project first began in early 2016 it tracked tourist movement and behaviour using smart phones handed out to visitors as they arrived in Tasmania.

The new Tourism Tracer Tasmania app will allow tourists to download the free program onto their own phones, opening the technology to thousands of visitors a year.

GPS mapping of their journey combined with survey responses will help operators improve the tourist experience in Tasmania.

At the end of their stay visitors will receive a TourTracer map, showing their personal travel journey through Tasmania, which can be shared online with friends and family. Participants can also overlay their Facebook or Instagram feeds onto their personalised map, linking photos from their trip to particular points of interest.

As with the borrowed smart phone data from stage one of the Tourism Tracer project, the locational and survey data collected from the new app will be streamed directly to the Tourism Tracer Tasmania Dashboard.

This dashboard, launched earlier this year, provides online access to data showing where visitors go, at what times, for what purposes, for how long and what infrastructure they use. To see the dashboard in action head to

The Tourism Tracer team urges all Tasmanians to support this project, which aims to support the tourism industry throughout Tasmania and benefit the community, by encouraging visiting friends and family to download the app and take part.

“Our new app is easy to install and very simple to use,” Dr Anne Hardy, Senior Lecturer in the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics and Director of the Tourism Research and Education Network, said. “It provides visitors to Tasmania with a map that syncs with their social media activity while here in Tasmania that can be shared with family and friends after their travel is complete.

“We are calling upon Tasmanians who have visiting friends or family to encourage them to install this app on their phone. The insights this will give us will help the State position itself as a world-leading tourist destination.

“As tourism grows in our State, it is imperative that we understand where visitors are travelling. This app will help Tasmania manage its growth sustainably. At the same time it gives back to our participants by providing them with a beautiful map of their personal journey at the end of their visit,” Dr Hardy said.

Download the app via or by searching for Tourism Tracer Tasmania in the app store on your smart phone.

Published on: 15 Dec 2017 9:57am