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The denial of undeniable climate change

The denial of climate change will come under the microscope in a public lecture presented by Professor Stephen Lewandowsky at The University of Tasmania,  in April.

Presented by the Faculty of Health, the lecture will look at the cognitive and motivational factors that underlie some people’s denial of climate change and the scientific evidence that accompanies it.

It will also highlight the techniques used by some to shape public debate and mislead people.

Professor Lewandowsky is a cognitive scientist at the University of Bristol, whose research focuses on people’s memory and decision-making.

He has a strong interest in examining the persistence of misinformation in society and how it is spread and what factors determine whether people accept scientific information or not.

What: Rational Denial of Undeniable Climate Change public lecture.

When: Friday 7 April, 4pm to 5pm.

Where:  LT1 University Centre, Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre, Sandy Bay Campus.

Published on: 28 Mar 2017 1:46pm