Faculty of Law Alumni


Alumni are strongly encouraged to send us their profile, no matter what your career path after graduation.

Send yours to Law.Alumni@utas.edu.au and we will endeavour to either include it in our Newsletter and/or the website.

Graduate Profiles

Sarah Kimber

Rikki Mawad

Melissa Lyon

Melissa graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws with Honours in Laws 1988.

Last updated: 09-SEPT-2018

Gina O'Rourke

Gina graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Law in 1992. She was recently was one of only three women appointed Senior Counsel by the NSW Attorney General.

Last updated: 19-Nov-2015

Ben Mee

Ben graduated in 2008 with a combined Bachelor of Science—Bachelor of Laws, with First Class Honours in law and the University Medal. He now practices as a barrister in Sydney at 5 Wentworth Chambers.

Last updated: 13-Oct-2014

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