Tasmania Law Reform Institute


Board Members

  • Assoc Prof Jeremy Prichard: part-time Acting Director of the Institute, appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Tasmania (one day per week)
  • Prof Gino dal Pont: Acting Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Tasmania
  • The Honourable Justice Helen Wood: Appointed by the Honourable Chief Justice of Tasmania
  • Kristy Bourne: Appointed by the Attorney-General
  • Vacant: Appointed by the Council of the University
  • Craig Mackie: Appointed by the Tasmanian Bar Association
  • Rohan Foon: Appointed by the Law Society
  • Ann Hughes: Appointed at the invitation of the Board as a community representative
  • Kim Baumeler: Appointed at the invitation of the Board
  • Rosie Smith: Appointed at the invitation of the Board as a member of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community


  • Assoc Prof Jeremy  Prichard - Acting part-time Director (one day per week)
  • Kira White - Executive Officer (Administration)
  • Jemma Holt - Research Fellow, Special Hearing Scheme Study
  • Dr Suanne Lawrence -  Preventing Elder Abuse Tasmania (PEAT) Senior Research Fellow
  • Jess Feehely - Researcher
  • Leigh Sealy SC - Researcher