Tasmania Law Reform Institute

Call for Proposals

The Tasmania Law Reform Institute was established as a joint initiative of the State Government, the University of Tasmania and the Law Society of Tasmania. The Institute calls for submissions as to specific areas of the law considered to be in need of reform.

The functions and objectives of the Institute include the review of laws with a view to –

  • the modernisation of the law;
  • the elimination of defects in the law;
  • the simplification of the law;
  • the consolidation of any laws;
  • the repeal of laws that are obsolete or unnecessary; and
  • uniformity between laws of other States and the Commonwealth.

The Institute may receive proposals for law reform or research projects from the judiciary, the Attorney-General, the Legal Aid Commission, government departments, the Parliament, the legal profession, members of the community and community groups.

Submissions should be in writing and as detailed as possible. Proposals will be considered by the Board of the Institute with a view to undertaking a law reform project.

If it is impractical to make your proposal in writing please contact us to make other arrangements.

Selection criteria are used to assess the suitability of community law reform proposals received by the Institute.These criteria are applied to determine which projects will be undertaken. The Institute commences a new community law reform project every one to two years. In short, the project must relate to Tasmanian law, be of limited scope, not require too many resources, benefit a significant proportion of the population or a significantly disadvantaged proportion of the population, have some prospect of success and not already be under review by government or Parliament.