Tasmania Law Reform Institute

The Institute was established in 2001 by agreement between the State Government, the University of Tasmania and the Law Society. The functions of the Institute include the review of laws with a view to:

  • the modernisation of the law
  • the elimination of defects in the law
  • the simplification of the law
  • the consolidation of any laws
  • the repeal of laws that are obsolete or unnecessary
  • uniformity between laws of other States and the Commonwealth

The Institute may receive proposals for law reform or research projects from a wide range of sources, including the judiciary, the Attorney-General, the Legal Aid Commission, government departments, the Parliament, the legal profession, members of the community and community groups.

The TLRI does not give legal advice to individuals on points of law or individual cases, nor do we investigate complaints about the law or about lawyers. If you have a legal problem a solicitor may be able to help you. You can find a private solicitor or law firm by searching the Law Society of Tasmania register. Alternatively, Tasmania Legal Aid, a Community Legal Centre or the Women's Legal Service Tasmania may be able to help.

If you wish to make a complaint against a lawyer you can contact the Legal Profession Board of Tasmania

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