Tasmania Law Reform Institute

Report released: Review of the Tasmania Law Reform Institute

A Review of TLRI 2022 – Final Report (PDF 1.8 MB) has been prepared which reviews the Tasmania Law Reform Institute (TLRI).

This Review was initiated by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Tasmania and was conducted with the support of the Law School and the Founding Partners to the Agreement that established the TLRI, namely the University of Tasmania, the Tasmanian Government and the Law Society of Tasmania. The Founding Partners were actively engaged in the consultation process, along with several members (both past and present) of the TLRI Board and various interested organisations and individuals.

The current agreement is due for renewal in November 2022 and it is clear that recent challenges and issues have emerged in relation to the TLRI and its capacity. The scope of the review was guided by a set of detailed Terms of Reference. In March 2022, the Review Panel invited submissions from almost 100 parties or organisations, receiving 16 written submissions and meeting with 22 individuals or groups during April and May 2022. The written submissions can be accessed TLRI 2022 submissions.

The Review Panel was reassured that all parties consulted were unanimous in their view that there was an ongoing need for a strong and vibrant TLRI. Moreover, the submissions highlighted the significant and lasting contribution to the laws of the State and how the TLRI had facilitated an informed and impartial discussion about the role law can make to improve the lives of all Tasmanians.

The Report makes 20 recommendations and the Panel hopes that these will provide an opportunity to reinvigorate the relationship between the Founding Partners and place the TLRI on a secure and sustainable footing into the future.

Published on: 20 Jul 2022