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Legal Theory and History Seminars

Inspired by the desire to create a forum for deeper reflection and discussion about the theoretical, philosophical and historical dimensions of the law, the Faculty of Law launched in 2018 the Legal Theory and History Seminar Series.

Coordinated by Dr Susan Bartie and Professor Benjamin J. Richardson, the boutique seminar series hosts University of Tasmania and visiting scholars presenting cutting-edge research that goes beyond legal doctrine and practice to explore the deeper conceptual dimensions of the law across both established subject areas (e.g. criminal law and constitutional law) and in jurisprudence and legal history topics.

The seminar series has a strong interdisciplinary and socio-legal character, and thus engages with a variety of areas of theory and philosophy (e.g. ethics, aesthetics, political philosophy and epistemology) that enrich our understanding of legal phenomena. The seminar series is committed to accommodating pluralistic views of legal theory and history, and fosters respectful debate.

Direct any enquiries about contributing to or attending the seminar series to Susan and Ben: