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Engaging Tales of Social Justice: Free Lunchtime Series for Students and Staff

The Law School has a series of lunchtime talks entitled ‘Engaging Tales of Social Justice. These free events are opportunities for students and staff to hear first-hand from lawyers and activists who work to provide justice for vulnerable and marginalised people.

The series was launched in September 2018 by Professor Tim McCormack, Dean of the Law School and Special Adviser to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, who spoke on his journey from UTAS law student to international expert on international criminal law and humanitarian law.

Former Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner and human rights activist, Robin Banks inspired students at the second event by recounting her contributions to public interest advocacy, law reform and the promotion of human rights.

Lena Lashin, a fourth-year law students says: ‘I think they are really great because you hear from people who have got all this experience from international law and social justice and they are sharing it with students.’

Engaging Tales of Social Justice is a wonderful opportunity for law students to extend themselves beyond traditional modes of learning. Students who are eager to learn more about social justice are exposed to a breadth of knowledge and experience that would not otherwise be provided in a normal lecture setting.  As well as insights from their personal journeys, speakers reflect on the challenges of their areas and how to bring about positive social change.

Lena Lashin says:

‘You leave feeling inspired and feeling that you can actually use their experiences to make a better world. I’ve been to one, I’d love to go to more. Engaging Tales of Social Justice adds a lot to my experience as a law student. Hearing from people who we are very lucky to have share their knowledge with us is inspiring.’

The talk series is organised by Jan Linehan and aims to involve a diverse group of conversationalists-both as hosts and speakers. The 2019 talks included LGBTQI law reformer Rodney Croome in conversation with Robin Banks and immigration and refugee lawyer Sonia Caton talking with Jan. The 2020 series will include speakers with backgrounds working on refugees, climate change, law reform, and development law.

Published on: 10 Mar 2020 10:18am